FIT CLUB - A fun energising group fitness experience that inspires you towards your health and fitness goals.

See how we achieve 100% wellbeing following the 80/20 philosophy.

All-level fitness program (20%) + refueling shake (80%) = 100% Wellbeing & 100% FREE!

FREE workouts & tasty recovery shake * Every Thursday 10am Rain or Shine * Caulfield Park *

SLIDE 1July 19th, 2012Wellness Dynamics Personal Trainers support you in all 3 areas critical to your success so you can have the real and lasting results you’ve been looking for....
SLIDE 2July 19th, 2012Enjoy one-on-one training in the stress-free privacy of our Caulfield gym, or join us in a small group training session where the extra support and companionship will bring you even more rewards....
SLIDE 3July 19th, 2012We’re especially keen on training outdoors for the many opportunities it gives to introduce fun and spontaneity to your workouts. We’ll also deliver tailor-made training to you at home or even your place of work if you choose....
SLIDE 4July 19th, 2012The key to health is in creating successful and sustainable habits. Alone this can be hard. Ask a Wellness Dynamics Personal Trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals and you’ll soon have the strength and vitality you crave...


Learn to understand your body, its needs, its limitations and its potential - with personalised structured programs that change and advance as you do.


Change the way you think about food. Learn what’s best for your body, banish bad food habits and create successful new ones.


Wake-up feeling inspired towards fitness. Discover how to deal with setbacks without letting stress or guilt get in the way.

Group Training

With summer just around the corner, why not register for our outdoor group exercise program - Fitness unplugged. See our services page.